LinkedIn and Your Career: The Benefits of LinkedIn for Students

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benefits of linkedinMany students view LinkedIn as a social media platform for professionals. Since they are still studying towards their degree or diploma, they don’t understand the benefits of LinkedIn until such time as they find a full-time job and officially enter the working world. That, however, could not be further from the truth. In fact, there are countless reasons why creating a LinkedIn account is beneficial for students. Here is what you need to know.

The benefits of Linkedin – practice for putting your CV together

You are provided with a CV-like framework when completing your LinkedIn profile. The template provided asks you all of the right questions and you simply have to fill in the blanks. When you are done, you will have what looks like a rather impressive CV, especially from an optimal layout perspective. You can implement this format into your actual CV and impress potential employers right from the start.

You will begin creating a professional online presence

Getting the attention of employers and other experts within your industry as early as possible is bound to work in your favour. Networking is critical to success in any sector, and who says it can only start when you are already employed and building up your career.

Building up a network of acquaintances while you are still studying could make it that much easier to find a job shortly after graduating. It will also allow you to figure out what skills and character traits potential employers are looking for, giving you time to improve upon them before putting them to use.

You will get to know specific companies

Do you have a dream of working for a specific company or organisation after you have completed your studies? LinkedIn makes it easy for you to get to know this company better by reading its recently published articles, investigating the individuals who are currently working there, keeping a close eye on its vacancies (and the requirements to apply), and checking out its reviews. It provides you with easy access to prepare yourself for a job interview a bit further down the line.

In short, if you haven’t set up a LinkedIn profile yet, now is the time to take action and do so! After all, it will take you one step closer to building the career that you are already working so tirelessly towards.

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