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Life fundamentals no university can teach your flown and grown child

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Students often ask the most bizarre questions such as “how do I know where I am going if I have never been there?”, or “will I automatically be ready for corporate work after I attain my qualification?”

Even though these may seem odd at first glance, there is a lot of truth, secret fears and other loaded elements in these questions. As a parent, this is the time to step up and guide your flown and grown child to help them to debunk student myths and better handle their stress.

There’s so much more that you can still do as a parent even after encouraging them to pursue their natural passions, harnessing their gifts and locating their “gold” (pertains to finding and mastering their dominion).

More in the sense of helping them become more aware of themselves and their environment, and more in the way of empowering them to make sensible decisions. This can seem overly simple, but can have a life time of rewarding fulfilment for both the parent and their student kids.

Here are the most critical impartations every parent needs to impress on their flown and grown student. These are things no lecturer or curriculum can adequately impart to your child, but must ideally come from parent to child, especially during this stage in their lives. If you miss this opportunity, you may struggle to find another shot at getting it right.

You’ll be persecuted for being unique, but stay at it anyway

As a parent, you need to not only encourage your child to locate their centre, but to reassure them that being unique is the best gift you can offer the world. However, let them know in advance that even when trials and tribulations come because they opted to be true to themselves, nothing compares to the liberation of being respectful to others and self.

Help your child to identify their career of choice, even if it is not the one society considers elegant. Assure them that they have your support and that you will support them in whatever decisions they take.

Make him or her aware that many leaders and noteworthy captains of industry chose this route of following their own dreams – and even though it came with persecutions along the way – it always paid off in the end.

Nothing can replace the words of a parent to their child

The message from popular culture and mass media is often one of courage, overcoming and pressing on until your dreams are materialised. So often we are shown the great victories of world acclaimed entrepreneurs, taught their strategies in their best seller books and pumped up to simply succeed.

Yet, the missing link is the untold moments of failure, strong adversity and what happens when things fall apart.

What you say to your child has more weight than what any textbook, lecturer or institution can ever try to teach them. It is so very important that you not only tell them about life’s triumphs, but also the failures that are prone to come along the way.

Dare to raise a warrior who is able and prepared to tackle the challenges of the present as well as overcome the unknowns of the future.

No matter what comes their way – whether famine, bankruptcy, unplanned pregnancy, heartbreak, poverty or whatever else – you can speak words of strength into them now to raise future leaders who are able to fall, but relentlessly get up again.

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