Let’s Party!!

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Now and again we all need to let our hair down and party! Maybe you’re in the mood but there’s nothing going on elsewhere that interests you? In that case, how about throwing your own?

If you don’t have much experience with it, organising a party may seem intimidating. In fact there are really only a few important things to sort out. Start by asking yourself these questions:

What kind of party is it going to be?
Generally the space you have available will dictate whether you’re going to invite just a few close friends or everyone you know. With just a few friends, you might want to make it a bit more formal, maybe around a dining room table, but with a lot of people, it will probably be more casual. Either way, make sure you have enough seating, even if it’s cushions on the floor.

Who do you want to invite?
Make a list of people you’d like to be there and send them an invitation in plenty of time, asking them to RSVP. An electronic invitation is usually fine unless you want to be more formal.

What food and drink will be involved?
Even if you’re asking people to bring their own drinks and/or food to share, you will still need to provide some basics. Soft drinks, beer and wine should cover your bases for drinks – just make sure you have a place to store it and plenty of ice (a big bucket or bath works well). Plan your food menu in advance, choosing things you’re comfortable with so you’re not stressed about it. For a casual party, plates of chips, dips and finger-snacks scattered around the room are the way to go.

Who will do the music?
First prize is to get a friend or two whom you trust to manage your music. Match the music to the mood – light and relaxing for casual conversation, foot-tapping if you want people to dance. Be considerate and inform your neighbours of possible noise (or even invite them).

Do as much as you can as early as possible on the day, leaving plenty of time to get yourself dressed and ready, so you can greet your guests feeling relaxed and comfortable. Then throw yourself into the party and have fun!!

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