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Your Checklist for Surviving Lengthy Study Sessions at the Library

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If you find your digz to be too distracting, you’re likely to spend a lot of your time hitting the books at the campus library, especially now that exam season is in full swing! Here is our handy checklist detailing everything that you’ll need to get you through even the most gruelling of study sessions. Follow our tips so that you can walk out of there feeling fully prepared to score that passing mark!

Your Study Material

Obviously, don’t forget to bring everything that you need to study along with you. This includes text books, USBs containing your completed assignments for the semester, and your up-to-date lecture notes.

Some Brain Food

Concentrating for extended periods of time will be nearly impossible if your stomach is grumbling. Plenty of nourishment is essential if you are to ensure that your body stays healthy and your mind is able to function at its best. Avocado on rice cakes, egg mayo sandwiches or even some tasty leftovers from the night before are all simple yet effective options to consider adding to your backpack.

Your other brain, as in your laptop or tablet might need be in need of some extra juice too. Be sure to take a battery pack backup or at least a charger and adaptor along with you.


You’ll need a couple of highlighters, pens, pencils and a fresh exam pad. Bring more than enough just in case your highlighter runs dry or your pencil breaks and there isn’t a sharpener in sight.


You need to keep hydrated! Water is just as essential as food is when it comes to ensuring proper brain functioning. Bring a water bottle so that you can keep filling it up as the hours tick by.


Just in case you feel yourself starting to nod off and need to grab a hot cuppa Joe, or you have unexpectedly run out of chow, money will definitely come in handy!

Earphones or Headphones

If you find that you work better when you listen to some music, headphones or earphones are a must. Just remember to stick to the classical stuff – now really isn’t the right time to listen to Jay Z’s latest jam!

The only thing that’s left to bring with you is plenty of patience, perseverance and dedication. The outcome of the exam season is fully in your hands! Good luck from us all at Student Digz.

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