Lectures to later: white sneakers

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white sneakersDoes your ‘look’ need a little sprucing up? Introducing our new college must-have: white sneakers. This fun and sporty little pair of shoes is right up there with the LBD (little black dress) and your favourite skinny jeans. It’s a useful wardrobe staple to wear around campus during the day, and then dressed up for a night out!

White Fila sneakers are all over Instagram right now, and we’re head over heels. Celebs have been making many fashion statements in their white sneakers – keeping it cool, casual and sporty, and also dressing them up to hit the nightclubs!

Here are our white sneaker fashion tips for day or night:

White sneakers daytime outfit

Sneakers are super comfortable for trekking between lectures during the day.

  • Pair your white sneakers with black leggings or track pants – a stylish pair with a sporty stripe, not the ratty ones you wear as pj’s!
  • Add a soft long sleeved white t-shirt.
  • Finish the look with a body warmer or vest in a bright contrasting colour, and a chunky knit scarf.

Dressing up white sneakers

Yes, you can dress up an outfit with white sneakers – the contrast between glam and sporty is everything you need for a night out. Bonus: your feet won’t be left aching, even if you dance till two am!

  • Wear your white sneakers with high rise black faux leather leggings – so edgy and stylish!
  • Add a transparent netting or chiffon cropped hoodie, worn over a pretty bralette or tight crop top.
  • Complete the look with a clutch bag in a vibrant colour (or even sequins!) for a fabulous chic effect.

Tips for wearing white sneakers

No one likes dirty shoes, and a little dirt on your white sneakers can really ruin the look. Keep your white sneakers pristine by wiping dust off with a damp cloth after every wear. Wash your sneakers regularly with diluted dishwashing liquid (a bar of sunlight soap also does the job) and an old toothbrush – gently scrubbing to clean any crevices.

We’re in love with the retro look white Fila sneakers – but if this brand is out of your budget, then you can achieve the same vibe with similar looking sporty white shoes.

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