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Learning in Lockdown: Using Timeout to Access Free Resources

By May 18, 2020 May 19th, 2020 No Comments

learning in lockdownLearning does not need to come to a complete standstill as South Africa moves through the various lockdown levels. Why not strive to make use of this downtime to learn new skills and hone already-existing ones? Or to focus on replenishing your health and wellbeing? Or both?

The great news is that there is a broad array of incredible resources out there, many of which don’t cost a thing. Here is a list of such free resources that you will definitely want to explore.

Guided yoga and meditation

The United Nations has provided free access to a number of MP3 files which will help you to learn how to meditate and begin your yogic journey. This includes guides to breath awareness meditation, sitting meditation, slow standing and sitting yoga, and standing yoga.

Resources for mental health

Lockdown is taking its toll on everyone. However, those struggling with mental health problems will be finding it especially difficult. Here is a list of helpful resources to turn to if you need help:

Massive Open Online Courses

One of the best places to enrol to take MOOCs is Coursera. You can register to take courses and degrees in a few easy steps. The wonderful thing is that many of these are free. Class Central is a similar option and offers free online courses in a multitude of different subjects, such as business, computer science, humanities, personal development, design, and more.

Diversify your digital skills

If you want to boost your digital skills specifically, you can’t go wrong with the Google Digital Skills for Africa portal. You can hand-pick the lessons that you would like to take and work through them at your own pace. Once you complete your lessons, you will receive a certification that you can use to enhance your CV.

Take a (virtual) tour of a museum, or 3 500

Visit Google Arts and Culture for access to over 3 500 virtual museum tours from around the globe. Be careful – this amazing collection of knowledge and visual spectacles is truly addictive.

Do you know of any other excellent, free resources out there? Share them with us on our Facebook page using the hashtag #FreeResources.

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