Learnership, internship or apprenticeship?

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Knowing the difference and how to get one

People say a lot of things about learnerships, internships or apprenticeships. All being viable entry-level student jobs and giving graduates a steppingstone into the job market. While this is true, it is a half-truth. That’s because popular culture often omits critical facts. Facts that can be fundamental to having young people reach their career aspirations.

Bursaries are generally for peeps studying towards a degree or diploma. But learnerships, internships and apprenticeships are not reserved only for graduates? Here’s what you need to know about them as well as how to bag one.


If your highest level of education is Grade 12 or Matric, then a learnership could be for you. Learnership programs connect you to distinct fields of work. Candidates get both theory and vocational training, or on the job training by working under the supervision of a trained professional.

It is worth mentioning that learnerships can be up to two years and include fields of work. Examples are hairdressing, beauty consulting, and electrical engineering.

A learnership can be a requirement to get accreditation. Or part of your education and training that requires practical experience. Wondering where to bag a learnership? Then you should find an accredited Learnership provider. One who will take charge of assisting you to get practical skills.

To find an assortment of learnerships, see Careers Portal learnerships.


An internship can be paid or unpaid. It is often tailormade for undergraduate students. Those who are close to completing their formal studies towards a degree/diploma, as well as for graduates looking to enhance their practical insight into the working environment.

As an example; Undergraduate students enrolled at tertiary institutions can opt for undergraduate internships, (usually during school holidays.) This helps them in acquiring much-needed job experience, which they can add to their CVs. It can also serve as a critical bridge, linking you up with employers and giving you practical skills in a real corporate setting. An internship will provide you with unmatched first-hand experience into your prospective career path.

To find internships check out your digs career day. Prospective employers assemble to let you in on their internships.


An apprenticeship is often specific. It is directed towards a particular trade or industry. Many apprenticeships include a labour programme that can last about three to six years. Ideal for peeps who are sure about the specific career path that they want.

An apprenticeship merges both learning theory in a classroom and supervised job training.

Apprenticeships are usually focused around practical professions, and there is a perk. Candidates who meet the entry requirements and finish the lengthy training are often guaranteed employment on completion. IT, law, engineering, plumbing and accounting are some of the many disciplines that offer apprenticeships.

To find a selection of apprenticeships, see Skills Portal apprenticeships.

Knowing which to choose?

  • There are a few things that will influence your choice.
  • Your education level and interests
  • The amount of time available for training and your desired career path.

Whether you are applying for a learnership, internship or apprenticeship. Many opportunities await those who are ready to embrace them with both hands.

These opportunities can be the first step into getting a grip on your money matters. A step towards generating an income, starting with budgeting and independence. Technology has made it easier than ever before to get the ball rolling.

Whichever way you choose, make sure you know your rights and responsibilities. As well as what’s required of you, so that you know without a doubt, that you’re up for it.

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