Laundry Day Blues

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There’s usually at least one aspect of mundane housework that we hate. For some it’s cooking or cleaning, for others it’s laundry or ironing. These are all actually quite simple tasks, especially if you know what you’re doing. For starters, let’s look at the basic process of doing laundry.

  1. If you are using a Laundromat, check you’ve got all the clothes you want to wash, your detergents and the right coins before you leave.
  2.  Check if all your clothing can in fact be washed – the label will tell you if it needs to be washed by hand or dry cleaned. Remove these items from the washing machine pile and deal with them separately as per their instructions.
  3.  Separate out the white items from the coloured ones so you don’t end up with everything one colour.
  4.  If something is really badly stained, treat it with stain remover before putting it in the main wash. Carefully follow the instructions on the stain remover.
  5.  Check all pockets for money, important notes, tissues, pens, etc. Then turn anything printed, or with buttons that could knock against the machine, inside out.
  6.  Put your first batch in the machine, without overloading it – ideally it should be only about ¾ full.
  7.  Measure out your detergent according to the instructions on the packaging for the type and size of wash you are doing, and place it in the right container in the machine (you may need to read the machine instructions if you don’t know where this is).
  8.  Choose your settings on the machine. Unless you have laundry that is seriously soiled, a cold water wash is usually sufficient, not to mention the most energy efficient and the safest to prevent shrinkage.
  9.  Make sure the door is securely closed as most machines won’t start if the door isn’t latched. Hit ‘Start’ and let the wash run through.
  10.  To reduce creasing, take the washed clothing out as soon as it’s done and shake it out.
  11.   Hang your clothes out or use a dryer if you must. If you are using a dryer, be sure to check the lint tray beforehand and       empty it if necessary (a full one can cause a fire).
  12.   When your clothes are dry, immediately hang or fold them and either put them away or place them in the ironing pile.

Enjoy your fresh, clean clothes!

Image credit:  Elaine via Flickr

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