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Keep the fire burning with these rad (radical) free date ideas 

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Stuff all the depictions of the house of popular culture which propel us with loaded propaganda that gets us into debt; all under the illusion of buying love and happiness. Friendship – like true love – cannot and should not be bought. Why get yourself all wrapped up in debt this festive season in a bid to impress? You’re bigger than that, don’t do it.

January does not have to be a broke month, every year. It can be a new beginning. A fresh start. Something different, but that will all depend on your decisions today. If you are eager for an unforgettable time out and want to do this on a tight budget, boy do we have the ultimate list of budget-friendly date ideas to add a little something-something to your mood.

Top 12 free date ideas (that actually don’t suck)

12. Sit on the balcony or stare through the window at night while trying to recall star consolations (you can also make up your own)
11. Park your car in the garage or safe parking bay (near security), pull out popcorn and watch a movie from your phone, laptop or tablet (like a movie drive-thru)
10. Find a free concert at a mall, park or side of the road where performers assemble
9. Dress up fancy on a Sunday and go visit luxury show houses
8. Battle it out with old school TV games
7. Visit a museum
6. Go hiking up a safe mountain or scenic view (hiking not hitch hiking)
5. Bring out the skates, hold hands and dash towards the sunset
4. Download a karaoke app
3. Critique art at art galleries on free entrance days
2. Be part of a sample group sampling chocolates, clothes (score free products or money)…etc.
1. Get free massages, hairstyles and/or money by signing up as “models”/volunteers for students at a beauty training school

There are many things that can be done this time of the year that don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Whether it is something inspired by nature, natural remedies or social media trends; there’s always a creative, budget friendly alternative.

Try to think of more ideas that are not on the list like camping in your back yard or balcony (if safe to do so) and going cheese tasting (and whatever else you can find at shopping mall isles that are being given out as free samples). Drop us a comment if you think of something else or have tried these free rad (radical) ideas.

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