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How Proper Organisation and Planning Can Transform Your Life 

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planning and organisationWe all know that feeling – when we’re cutting things a bit fine and the deadline for an assignment is tomorrow. Instead of taking a few moments to plan how we’re going to tackle it, we throw ourselves right in. We type away as if our lives depended on it! Or when we’re sitting in the exam centre and we are given the A-Okay to turn our paper over. We start scribbling immediately, paralysed with fear that we may run out of time before we’re finished? Or how about when we spy a beautiful woman (or man) from across the room. Instead of carefully crafting a meaningful compliment to get his/her attention, we approach them with a sad, overly-used pick-up line.

Strategic organisation and thoughtful planning are the two things missing from these situations. Had they been included, they could have ensured that the end results of each scenario turned out a whole lot differently. Below are a few reasons why good organisation and planning is so very important.

Planning and Organising Saves You Time

By throwing yourself into something head-first, you don’t have the opportunity to consider all of the options available to you. To decide which one would be the best course of action.

For instance, start on the questions that you actually know the answers to during an exam. Why waste time trying to answer ones that you don’t, and then run out of time to answer the ones that you do. Or consider how much faster you’d be able to make that girl/guy your bae if you had just thought a little bit more about the right things to say before approaching him (or her) the first time around!

Planning Saves You Money

What if you had organised your grocery shopping trip a bit better and put everything that you needed onto a list? You wouldn’t have overspent on your budget or have allowed yourself to be tempted by that box of Romany Creams or that extra packet of Simba chips, that’s what!

Being Organised Boosts Your Chances of Success

Proper organisation and planning contributes to a higher chance of making a success of whatever you’re doing. For example, when you see an advertisement for a part time job don’t make the mistake of applying right away. Take the time to comb through your CV and tailor it to emphasise the skills and experience necessary to fill the position. You’re far more likely to be invited round for an interview and, ultimately, land the job if you have planned your application.

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