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Just Imagine – An app that rewards you for improving your grades!

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Sometimes life is awesome and you’re motivated and on top of the world… and then sometimes, your focus flies out of the window and you’d rather be doing anything else than studying.

Sounds familiar? Even though you know that working hard to improve your grades will bring you great rewards in the future – such as making your family proud, getting a good job and having a sense of personal achievement – it can be so hard to find motivation when you’re not getting a reward right now.

Getting rewarded for being motivated and working hard

Kudzoo is changing all that. It’s a rewards programme – just like you find in many stores and coffee shops. Except instead of receiving rewards for spending money, you get rewards for great grades.

Kudzoo was launched in the USA in 2015. Now in 2017, thousands of students are using the app to gain rewards for their hard work. Trevor Wilkins, a co-founder of the app, says he attributes the idea for Kudzoo to his parents who gave him incentives for performing well at school. He went on to attend Princeton – one of the USA’s best universities – so this kind of study motivation must work!

Kudzoo is really big in the USA, and is growing internationally. Although it’s not available in South Africa just yet, there’s no reason why something similar couldn’t be developed. This is just the kind of entrepreneurial concept that would work wonderfully in South Africa – all it needs is for someone to make it happen!

Improve your grades for yourself – not just the rewards

While rewards for hard work will certainly help you to improve your academics, there’s also nothing like a little good old fashioned organisation:

  1. Use to-do lists and schedules to organise your life so that you don’t get overwhelmed with work. A to-do list forces you to see what needs to be done, and there is immense satisfaction in ticking things off.
  2. Stop procrastinating. Putting things off because you have lots of time to do them, is one way of ensuring that you’ll be faced with a last minute rush. If you have the time now, then do it.
  3. Revise what you’ve learned and prep for the next day. If you do this every night, it will really help you to make studying easier, and it doesn’t have to take long! Spend about 30 minutes each evening doing prepping and revising.

Above all… Remember to balance work and play. Work hard to achieve those goals, but make sure that your goals also include doing the things you love to do.

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