The Johannesburg International Mozart Festival

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.All students, listen up! This is an event not to be missed, regardless of whether or not you’re studying music. The Johannesburg International Mozart Festival is back in town for the 10th year running, and this year it’s being done a little bit differently. Instead of the usual ‘classic’ atmosphere, you can expect a more festival-like vibe in 2018. There will also be a number of memorable concerts and cultural events, all with a whimsical “Papageno / Papagena” theme.

Here’s everything else you need to know…

Who Was Mozart?

While most of us will have heard of, and perhaps even have admired his music, many don’t really know all that much about who he was as a person.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed over 600 works and is still well known as one of the most important influencers within the world of music and composing. Mozart overcame many obstacles in his path, including his tyrannical parents’ and their demands. He transformed music from a strict set of rules into something completely different, using it as a means of expression and exploring creativity like nobody ever had before.


The Johannesburg International Mozart Festival will last for an entire week this year. This year, 2018, it will take place between the 20th of January with a Viennese New Year performance and the 4th of February.

How to Book

There will be a variety of events taking place all over Johannesburg in association with the festival. As such, you will have to book tickets separately depending on the specific events that you would like to attend. Visit Computicket for a clearer picture of what to expect, from piano recitals to chamber music concerts and more.

If you’re lucky enough to attend the celebrations, be sure to take plenty of pictures and upload them onto our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing your take on the event!

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