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Joburg’s Hotspots: Stanley Beer Yard

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Creative craft beer is a worldwide sensation and a trend that is here to stay. If you enjoy experimenting with flavours and knocking back a few in your spare time, we recommend paying a visit to Stanley Beer Yard in Milpark, Johannesburg.


The ever-popular beer yard overlooks the plush 44 Stanley courtyard and has become a must for people from all backgrounds, from students and hipsters to businessmen and artists alike. The only essential is that you’re game to sample a few craft beers and/or local wines.

Unfortunately, the bar doesn’t serve run of the mill liquor options, including shots, so if it’s a party as opposed to a chilled Saturday arvie that you’re after, you best look elsewhere. This is a spot where friends gather to savour the finer things in life – without having to stress too much about the resultant price tag.

How Much?

Obviously, craft beer is quite a lot more expensive than the regular stuff, so you’ll want to have saved up a bit before making your way over here. While the drinks aren’t cheap, the good news is that you can eat quite affordably. The establishment is famous for its unique selection of inspired dishes and can serve up pretty much whatever you fancy for a much lower price than expected.

Favourites amongst regular diners include beer yard salads, artisan global hotdogs (including a Kosher dog with sauerkraut and pickles), beer basted pregos, back street burgers (along with a vegetarian-friendly tofu burger option), gourmet sandwiches, boards (we cannot get enough of Stan’s meat board – the free-range beef rump and chicken wings are exceptional!) and awesome sides, including biltong and dry wors.

What’s the Vibe?

The décor within the Stanley Beer Yard definitely stands out! It has an industrial look and feel, and is rounded off with a colonial vibe. From distressed leather couches to metal chandeliers, this place has plenty of personality. It’s sure to be quite a photo opportunity for you and your mates.

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