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In the Mood for a Joburg Shopping Spree? 44 Stanley is Where You Want to Be!

By May 1, 2017 May 17th, 2017 No Comments

Have you saved up a few bucks and keen to treat yourself to a brand new pair of shoes or a stylish jacket just in time for winter? 44 Stanley should be your first stop. If you have yet to pay this Jozi hot spot a visit, now’s your chance to hop on the bandwagon and see what all of the fuss is about!

44 Stanley is an industrial depot that opens up a new world of opportunity when it comes to getting your hands on a few statement pieces guaranteed to get people talking. It’s the perfect option for those who are sick and tired of wading through crowded shopping malls and are looking for a slightly more authentic experience.

Wondering who to bring along with you?

The good news is that the depot offers something for everyone. Aside from the boutique stores chockfull of the latest fashion, it is also a popular hub for book lovers, art junkies, enthusiastic foodies and more. In short, bring mom, boyfriend or even a few mates from varsity and it’s sure to be an enjoyable day out for everyone!

The best thing about 44 Stanley is the vibe. It’s something that you feel the moment you arrive. Many will tell you that it has to do with all of the awesomeness radiating off of the trendy locals. Whether you want to sit down in the shade and ‘people watch’ for a bit or chill out and listen to the music (there’s often live music events that take place over the weekend), you’re bound to feel refreshed when you eventually decide to call it a day.

Why make it a priority to visit 44 Stanley?

Simply because you get more than just the retail therapy you’ve been craving. You get a fancy day out that you won’t be quick to forget!

Have you spent time at 44 Stanley before? What were your highlights? Which stores impressed you the most? We want to hear all about your experience! Tell us in the comments section below…

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