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It’s not the end of the world – there are alternatives to university

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online study alternativesMost school leavers have big dreams. Going to university and studying towards a degree. The thing is, these days there are more people applying to university than ever before. There aren’t enough places for everyone. So, what do you do when you feel like your dream is being crushed? You get up, dust yourself off, and find a solution.

There are alternatives to university – and we’ll give you all the info.

1. Study at a private university

You may hear the word ‘private’ and assume this means high costs. But fees are like most of South Africa’s government funded institutions. Private universities such as Damelin and Varsity College offer excellent facilities. You can study a variety of degrees and diplomas. You can use a bank approved student loan to subsidise your studies. But won’t be able to apply for government funding.

2. Study at Technikon

There was a time when studying at Technikon was considered second rate, but this isn’t true anymore. There are Technikons all over South Africa. And they offer both diplomas and degree equivalents. The difference between University and Technikon, is that Technikon offers greater practical application. It’s good if you want to go into a more technical or creative field.

3. Get a degree online

Ever heard of UNISA? Of course you have! The University of South Africa is a superb correspondence learning institution. Because it’s correspondence you’re guaranteed a place. All you need to do is meet the academic requirements and pay your fees.

You can also study online. Many of South Africa’s top universities now offer online learning platforms. University of Johannesburg, UCT and Stellenbosch included. Some of these courses may not be equal to a degree, but they will add value to your CV. They are often equal to first year university modules. Which means that you can re-apply to University, but with extra credits to your name. Private institutions also offer distance learning. Such as Damelin, Varsity College and Intec College.

Benefits of correspondence learning

  • You save on the hidden costs of university – campus living expenses – because you can live at home.
  • A degree by correspondence is a real degree, in fact UNISA is held in high esteem worldwide.
  • Online and distance learning is flexible – so you can work and earn money while you study.

Considering these alternatives to University? Remember that self-study requires accountability, responsibility and motivation on your part. But if you want something enough, you’ll put in every effort to make it happen!

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