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It’s never too late to apply for further studies

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Right about now, most universities and colleges in South Africa have stopped accepting applications to study in 2020. Most. But not all! Late university applications are accepted by some South African institutions until January or February, and some accept applications throughout the year – depending on the course and if there is still space in the programme.

Maybe you’ve struggled to decide what to study and what career to follow. Maybe time caught up with you and before you knew it, it was November! Whatever the reason, it’s not the total end of the world. There is still hope to study in 2020.

The University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN) accepts late applications, with a fee of R400. This is of course dependant on all entrance requirements being met, and there being spaces available in your course of choice.

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) only accepts 15 000 students per year, but they do accept late applications. It’s worth a shot applying here, as the course you want to study may not be full yet.

Other institutions that accept late applications to study in South Africa

These higher learning institutions accept applications throughout the year. Many of them do not have limits on applicant numbers, so you have a good chance of being accepted to study in 2020… even if you’ve left things a little late.

Central Technical College
City Varsity
Codespace Academy
Lyceum Correspondence College
Open Learning Group
Oxbridge Academy
Pearson Institute of Higher Learning

Consider a TVET College

TVET differs from university or traditional college in that the focus is not on academic coursework, but rather on practical skill and apprenticeship. It’s a great alternative to university if you want a career that is more practical (like plumbing or welding) but still want to earn a proper qualification.

It’s not too late to study in 2020!

Applying to study in 2020 is not impossible. Bear in mind, that you will usually pay a late fee, and you’ll also need to have all of your required documents ready so that you can speed up your application process. Most institutions will have cut-off dates for certain courses – simply because of limited space in the course. Often, if there are still spots available, you can still apply.

So… never say never. You still have a chance to study in 2020!

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