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Intuition 101

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Have you ever:

  • Known who was calling before you looked at your phone?
  • Known what you needed to do, without knowing why?
  • Done something you knew you shouldn’t, and ended up saying “I just knew it!”

Even though most of us have experienced some variation of these thoughts, we still tend to mistrust our sixth sense, possibly because we don’t understand it and/or we associate it with fortune-tellers and frauds. The truth is though that everyone has some degree of intuition. In fact it’s just a fine-tuned version of our basic instinct, which subconsciously tunes in to what’s going on around us to keep us safe.

If we can learn to use this inherent gift, it can help us make really good decisions in our lives. So how can we do that?

Notice how your intuition works

This is different for everyone. Do you get a ‘gut instinct’ – a kind of feeling – about things? Do you ‘hear’ a voice speaking to you? Do you suddenly know things, almost as if the information just popped into your mind? If you can figure how it works for you, you’ll know what to pay attention to.

Start by practicing with the little things

Use your inner compass to decide what you feel like eating or what movie to watch. When the phone rings, try to guess who it is. While waiting for a lift, decide which one you think will arrive first. Then start applying it to bigger things that really matter.

Trust yourself

When you strongly feel something, don’t discount it even if it makes no sense. Follow your intuitive feeling wherever you can.

Don’t be afraid to be wrong sometimes

As you practice your new skill, there are bound to be times when it doesn’t work out. If you can figure out why, learn from that, and resolve to make a different choice next time. For example, perhaps you actually ignored your intuition and went with what your head (or a friend) was telling you. If you don’t know why it went wrong, just move on anyway, knowing that you’ll get better.

Intuition is something we need to allow rather than force. The more we practice listening to it, the stronger it becomes, and the more we’re able to trust it, until we reach a point when we can consistently make good decisions every step of the way.
Decide on instinct

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