How Instagram Can Help You Find a Job

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Sticking to a strict student budget isn’t easy. That’s why so many students seek out part time jobs to generate that little bit of extra cash to help make ends meet. The only problem is actually finding a part time job that you not only enjoy and that you’re good at, but one that fits in with your university schedule, too. Sometimes finding a part time job at all is a challenge in itself. Make life easier and use Instagram to your advantage in your search. Here’s how.

View Company Instagram Accounts

If you manage to land an interview with a company, be sure to take a look at their Instagram account beforehand. This will not only provide you with insight into what they do and how they do it, but also with a sneak preview into their company culture in general. It will give you ideas for the types of questions that you can ask when you’re faced with the inevitable ‘So, do you have any questions for us?’ portion of the interview.

View Employee Instagram Accounts

By viewing the company’s existing employees’ Instagram accounts, you’ll get a feel for the type of people that they hire. You can find out who is employed at the company by visiting LinkedIn or taking a look at the company’s “Team” page on their website.

Review Your OWN Instagram Account

That incriminating picture your mate uploaded of you ‘pole dancing’ on a telephone pole after a couple of dops? It’s got to go! You’d be amazed at how many companies will visit your social media profiles before making a decision regarding whether or not to even interview, let alone hire you.

If you don’t want to delete any embarrassing photos, just be sure that you customise your privacy settings to ensure that only those who follow you or who you’re friends with can see your posts and tagged photos. You can never be too careful when it comes to this!

Social media can help tremendously when it comes to simplifying the job hunt. Do you have any tips or success stories to share with us? Tell us in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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