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How to Increase your Job Opportunities Beyond your Academic Abilities

By May 22, 2017 No Comments

Sometimes it can be immensely challenging to find a job in South Africa despite holding an impressive degree or diploma, or having plenty of work experience under your belt.

Knowing this, it makes sense to do everything possible in order to help make your life a little bit easier when it comes time to start job hunting further down the line. Here are 5 ways that can help you increase your chances of landing a job straight out of varsity.

Do Your Part for Your Community

Volunteering at a children’s home or homeless shelter isn’t just great for the soul – it’ll look mighty impressive on your CV too! It shows that you care about others and are willing to give of your time and effort for a good cause.

Get Involved in Student Affairs

Being a part of the student body at your varsity speaks volumes about your leadership skills. It also demonstrates to possible employers that you are someone who isn’t afraid to take initiative.

Be in the media

Social media is a huge part of student life and is something you can easily get involved with. Get yourself onto the student rag or radio station to get started. You could even write a weekly blog on your student life – it all adds up to experience in media which will look good to any prospective employer.

Get a Part Time Job

Getting a taste of the working world is imperative while you study. It will help you to build confidence, gain experience and work on your people skills. Plus, that little bit of extra cash definitely won’t hurt either!

Join a Sports Team

It’s excellent for the mind and body and will provide you with a sense of teamwork. Being a member of a team will also ignite a healthy competitive spark within you, making it more likely for you to actually go out into the world and get what you want!

Dabble in Starting Your Own Business

While getting a full blown business up and running can be a real challenge when you’re trying to ace your studies and work a part time job all at once, it is possible if you persevere. If you notice a gap in the market, don’t be afraid to take it! After all, there’s nothing that a potential employer admires more than an entrepreneurial spirit!

Ultimately, it’s all about taking action and getting involved outside of your academic studies, both at varsity and within your community as a whole. Let your passion and proactive spirit take you to new and exciting places. Once the years of varsity are behind you, you’ll have a lot more than just pride to show for it!

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