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The Importance of Awareness and Attention in All Aspects of Life

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We have all encountered that lacklustre, grumpy cashier at the grocery store. We have all listened to that scripted drawl recited by an over-worked telemarketer on the telephone. Many of us have worked for someone who didn’t care about us as people and who only worried that the work got done. Most of us have dealt with a professor who wasn’t interested in hearing the reasons why you simply weren’t able to be mentally present in the lecture today or turn in your assignment on time.

The truth is that awareness and attention surrounding the feelings and emotions of others is in short supply, and yet what many do not realise is the fact that it is often the recipe for success.

Emotions Cannot Be Measured

What cannot be measured cannot be managed. What cannot be measured doesn’t exist. These are the two beliefs that have led to a steep decline in people’s concern for others’ feelings and emotions in the workplace and in life in general.

We are now all overly concerned with ‘being professional’ and just getting things done for the sake of it. There’s no passion there. There’s no enthusiasm. We do what we’re supposed to, but often just the bare minimum in order to get by. And yet if we applied a little bit more awareness and attention to our general daily interactions, the end results could be so different… and so much better!


You’re having a bad day, but the cashier at the store smiles at you and strikes up a cheery conversation that actually helps renew your faith in humanity for a little while longer.

The telemarketer on the other side of the phone speaks to you about your personal needs and with a genuine concern for you as an individual rather than reading from a script, making you far more likely to consider investing in the product that they’re selling.

Your employer goes the extra mile in order to ensure that you are happy and respected at work, leading to an improvement in your productivity.

Your professor listens to you when you confide in him, He hears your concerns about your financial issues and resultant need to work additional shifts in order to stay in varsity, and grants you that extension, along with offering you a hearty pep talk. This awareness and shared emotion leads to you feeling motivated enough in order to get the work done – and done well.

Awareness and attention

Two simple attitude changes that can transform your entire life and the way you live it. Try it. There’s a reason why they say that a smile and a few kind words go a long way.

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