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If social media rocks your boat, consider becoming a community manager

By Nov 6, 2019 No Comments

If somebody asked you about the life skills you need to bag student jobs and grow your career – we bet you’d list skills like accounting, budgeting, leadership, time management, the ability to work well under pressure, conflict resolution, computer literacy and so forth. If truth be told, few will list social media management as part of their skills set to cash in on.

What’s the big fuss about social media management?

We’re living in a day when you don’t need to be at a particular location to make moolah. Working remotely can give you the flexibility to work around your lectures and improve your money matters. Technology has changed the game, and social media is part of many people’s lifestyle. Its not just a nice to have, it can be a strategic tool for businesses to connect with clients and prospective markets.

It can be a value-added platform, engagement tool and point of sales channel. A social media manager is, therefore, critical in helping an organisation in applying its social media strategy and reaching its goals. For the most part, you don’t need a specific degree, but you do need to be able to master the digital divide and have an in-depth understanding of the terrain.

Must-have characteristics for social media managers

This job involves helping a brand to connect with its internal and external stakeholders. It is so much more than just posting content for the sake of filling up the timeline. You need to know the tools that make it measurable. Soft skills are also essential. It helps to be great at listening, communicating well and having an empathetic touch when responding.

An in-depth understanding of the brand’s organisational culture will also make a big difference. Most importantly, it helps if you love what you do. That’s because this job entails going on social media during and after office hours to punt, post, reply to messages, address direct messages, run social media campaigns, plot reports, write and schedule content media calendars and more.

If you consider yourself a bit of a social media addict, then you should think of a gig as a social media manager. Be sure to keep yourself up to date on best practices, customer management support systems and go for it. Think about it; in addition to a salary, perks often include free unlimited data and airtime. It’s just one of the many ways you can cash in on your hobby, help build well reputable brand perceptions and add value to digital communities.

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