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Hustling your way through varsity with a variety of work ideas

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They say it’s not about the money… but sometimes it is! There’s nothing quite as soul destroying as being flat broke. Especially when all your friends are out having fun. So, what about a side hustle to boost your bank account? A part time job doesn’t need to be work experience for your future career. It’s a real plus if it is! The important thing is finding something that you do well, possibly enjoy and that will bring in some extra bucks when you need it most! It’s all about ‘hustling’ your way through varsity.

Bar tending, waiting tables and promotional work

Bar tending might be the job for you if you love interacting with people. It can get very busy in a pub or nightclub, it requires quick thinking and skill. Many restaurants and catering companies also hire bartenders – the work is less fast paced, and the tips can be great.

Similarly, waiting tables can be hectic and you may find yourself run off your feet – but in a busy restaurant you’ll earn amazing tips.

Alternatively, one of the best student jobs for outgoing girls and guys is to be a promoter. You can find promotional work for students on the rent-a-student website, or even join the Red Bull Wings promo team!

Remember, in order to qualify for any work that involves serving alcohol, you will need to be 18 years or older.

Use your skills to tutor

Are you the kind of person who just loves sharing knowledge? Tutoring primary and high school kids can be both financially and emotionally rewarding. This is also a side hustle that makes fantastic varsity work experience, and looks great on your CV no matter what your chosen career.

As a tutor, you’ll need to have achieved very high marks in the subjects you plan to teach, preferably a distinction for Matric. The Teach Me 2 website is a great portal for tutors looking for work. Alternatively, use Facebook community groups in your area to advertise your services.

Join the world of retail and sales

Do you think you could sell ice to Eskimos? Retail is another kind of student job where you need to be good with people, have lots of patience, and possibly be prepared to spend long hours on your feet.

The money can be good, especially during peak shopping seasons, and there are lots of jobs for students available in different retail stores. Fashion, music, books, technology – you can definitely find a retail job that matches up with your hobbies or passions.

So what are you waiting for? Get your CV together, get hustling and start earning. Your bank account will love you for it!

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