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How Visualisation Will Boost Your Career and Change Your Life

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Is visualisation the secret to success?The secret to career success? Positive thinking, strategic planning, knowing exactly what it is that you want and, of course, confidence. The art of visualisation could be all that you need in order to achieve these things and make leaps and bounds faster than you ever thought possible. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Visualisation?

Visualisation is all about using your imagination to see and feel the outcome that you wish to create in any instance, whether it is giving an important presentation to a new client or having a salary review meeting with your boss.

How Can It Help Me?

Leadership coach, Cynthia Corsetti, likens the power of visualisation to the importance of having a reference picture close at hand when working on a puzzle. Without this clear picture of what the outcome should look like, completing the puzzle is going to prove a lot more challenging, if not utterly impossible. Having a clear picture of what you’re working towards will make it endlessly easier to get there.

Furthermore, visualisation actually helps to programme your brain in such a way that it works to support your efforts in trying to achieve your goals. Ultimately, you convince your brain that the visualised outcome is already a reality.

How Do I Do It?

Visualisation is similar to meditation in that it takes practice to perfect.

Begin by setting aside a few minutes every day to lie down or sit somewhere quiet and comfortable. Close your eyes and picture yourself achieving a personal or career goal. Take note of how amazing that success makes you feel and be very specific about what has happened for you to have attained it. Experience every emotion – the more realistic it seems, the more effective it will be.

It is also beneficial to picture the journey that leads up to your goal, including the worst-case scenario and how you might deal with it. By preparing for obstacles that will inevitably stand in your way, you will be better equipped to overcome them quickly.

Pair visualisation with taking action

The practice is definitely not going to make success fall into your lap! You’re still going to have to work for it. But at least you’ll know exactly where you’re going and how to get there. Now it’s up to you to make it happen!

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