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International Day of Happiness: Make Someone Smile with a Random Act of Kindness

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International Day of HappinessThe world needs as much kindness as it can get, especially considering the many financial hardships that COVID-19 and lockdown have brought about for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Never mind the fact that the majority of us are battling to keep our mental health intact! What better time to put in a bit of extra effort into being kind than on the International Day of Happiness, taking place on March 20th?

Looking for ideas for random acts of kindness that are bound to put a smile on someone else’s face? Read on for inspiration…

  • Make or buy a warm meal for someone less privileged
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • Organise a soup kitchen in your off-campus student accommodation
  • Leave a bit of extra cash with the checkout clerk for the person in line behind you
  • Offer to help carry someone’s shopping bags
  • Drop off a bouquet of flowers at an old-age home
  • Buy a gift voucher at one of your favourite shops and hand it out to someone who smiles at you while simply passing by
  • Give a stranger a sincere compliment
  • Bake a batch of cookies and drop them off at the police station or the fire station
  • Give blood
  • Donate your old books to your local library or a charity shop
  • If you have a part-time job, ‘donate’ one of your leave days to a colleague who is caring for a loved one or who needs a ‘mental health’ day
  • Write a heartfelt ‘thank you’ note to someone who has helped you in some way
  • Give a friend or relative a call – especially if it has been a while since you last chatted to them
  • Get in touch with someone who you recently argued with, or a long-lost friend, and make amends
  • Write a letter of encouragement to a fellow varsity student or a friend who might be going through a difficult time

Be Kind to yourself too on International Day of Happiness

Remember to make the effort to be kinder to YOURSELF, it’s been a rough year. Take some time out to relax, get a few extra hours of sleep, and don’t come down too hard on yourself if your marks aren’t quite what you had envisioned. You’re doing a fantastic job of navigating life through a pandemic. Hold your head up high, keep going out of your way for others, and take one day at a time.

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