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How to stay the course in 2021

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stay the courseOnline learning is the norm – for now, and the foreseeable future. If you, like many other students in your student digs and around the country, are struggling to stay focused on your virtual studies, then these study tips are for you! Here’s how to stay the course this year.

1. Eyes on the prize

Remind yourself of your overall study goals – your hopes and dreams for the future, why you have chosen to study, and how your degree, diploma or course can help get you there. Remembering exactly why you are doing what you are doing can be very motivating.

2. Manageable short term goals

While remembering your overall goal is important, in order to achieve the long term goal you need realistic short term goals. Break these down even further into small daily tasks. Short term goals are so much less overwhelming than big goals, plus there’s something extremely satisfying about checking off a to-do list every day.

3. Celebrate your wins

From small accomplishments like completing a task you’ve been putting off, to a fantastic result on an assignment, you should definitely celebrate your wins! A progress chart that tracks your goals and accomplishments can show you a visual representation of how well you are doing and how far you have come. This can motivate you when you are feeling ‘stuck’. And don’t forget to reward yourself with a small treat for a job well done from time to time!

4. Online study groups

Making connections with other students in your class is very important. Sharing ideas is great for learning, and virtual study groups make you feel less isolated when you are studying online. If your college doesn’t provide online study groups, organise one yourself over WhatsApp or Skype!

5. Organise your life

One of the best study tips for online students is to get organised. Online learning is different from face to face in that you need to be more responsible for structuring your day and getting stuff done. Set up a space in your off-campus accommodation to keep your books, stationery and laptop, and that is comfortable and makes you want to learn.

Part of organising your life is time management. Provide yourself with a structured timetable to avoid slacking off, and make sure you include some downtime too – your mental health is important!

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