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How to Rock Neon This Autumn

By Mar 20, 2019 No Comments

How to rock neon this autumnThe fashion world is calling on all fashionistas (and on-fleek fashion-savvy guys, too!) to do things a little bit different this autumn. Contrary to the usual transition from flashy summer brights to muted neutrals, we’re rocking neon instead! Here are some tips for adding some in-your-face pizzazz to your wardrobe.


Accessorising with neons is a great way to experiment with this bold, new trend. For starters opt for neon earrings, vibrant sunglasses, bright socks. Or even a snazzy neon bracelet. A 90s-esque neon scrunchie is also sure to turn heads. Rock these accessories for a few days before you feel confident enough to take things a step further.

Throw on an Extra Layer

There’s no need to incorporate neon into your base outfit. Why not throw on an extra layer in the form of super-loud and proud yellow or lively lime green? Neon jackets and jerseys are all the rage . They give you the option to put on or remove your statement item as you wish depending on where your day leads you.

Dress Up

You can go the whole hog with this fashion fad by investing in a one-piece neon item, like a bright pink neon jersey dress. Pull it off by keeping the rest of your ensemble as simple as possible. Choose chunky black ankle boots and toned-down accessories. Turn it up a notch if you wish by matching your lipstick to your selected neon outfit colour. Neon makeup looks incredible on all skin tones!

Aside from load-shedding which seems rather inevitable, who knows what the colder months will bring this year? One thing’s for sure through, there’s nothing that will lift your mood and keep your spirits high than a bright, neon-inspired outfit.

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