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How to Release Big Feelings

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We’re all emotional beings, some people more than others. If you’re someone who has really BIG, intense feelings (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you probably aren’t), you probably find you often don’t know what to do with your feelings. The danger there is that you may internalise them, take them out on someone else or develop an addiction, as a way of escaping from them.

Feelings are meant to be felt and can give you valuable information about what’s going on for you. When we’re in the middle of them though, it’s hard to see past them. Here are some creative ways to release those feelings (without causing wide-spread destruction):

Paint or draw

Get some crayons or paint, and simply make shapes and colours on a page, however you feel inspired to do so – don’t worry about it looking like anything in particular. You may start out using a lot of dark colours, like black, brown or dark blue, or red (particularly if you’re angry), and that’s fine.

Do some intense exercise

Doing a tough workout is a very effective way of releasing emotional energy. Hitting or kicking a punchbag, running at full speed, dancing full-out, doing push-ups, crunches or star jumps all work well. If exercise isn’t normally your thing (or even if it is), just be careful not to overdo it and injure yourself in the process.

Write it out

Writing down how you feel can be extremely liberating, especially if you know no-one else will ever read it. Start by simply writing words that express what you’re experiencing, then see where you go from there. Don’t worry if the words don’t seem to make sense, come out wrong or are scrawled in huge letters across the page – the main thing is to get them out. When you’re done, tear up and throw away or burn the pages (carefully).

Whatever method you choose, keep going until you feel better or start feeling silly, whichever comes first. If those feelings never seem to come to an end though, it might be time to consult a counsellor or someone who can help you work through them on a professional level.

Often when you simply express how you feel though, feelings will flow right through you, leaving you with a clear idea of how to approach what caused them and/or a sense of peace.

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