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How to Make that Special Someone in your life Feel Loved

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One of the best ways to get love is to give it. In other words, if you’re in a relationship and you want to feel cherished and cared for, lead by example. Try these tips with the person who lights up your heart:
Understand their love language

We hear people best when they speak to us in our language. Some people feel loved when we touch them, others when we give them gifts, affirm them using words, perform acts of service or spend time with them. For more information on the different love languages, see here. Find out what language your “babe” speaks and then use that to show them how much you care.

Show appreciation

No-one likes to be taken for granted so the more we can show our appreciation, the better. For starters, be sure to notice and thank your girlfriend/boyfriend for the things they do for you. Just as, when they tell you how gorgeous or sexy you are, or how much they love the way you think or move, accept the compliment graciously and say thank you. Appreciate who they are in return, and give as many (genuine) compliments as you possibly can. You’ll create a feel-good extravaganza!

Really listen

When we truly pay attention to someone, without judging them, we help them process what’s happening in their lives. So show interest in the things they love and be curious about their thoughts and feelings. Bear in mind that it’s not our job to fix anything, but simply to listen. This is one of the best ways of showing our support, whether we agree with what they’re saying or not.

Tell them how you feel

No matter how confident people may appear to be on the outside, everyone has some level of insecurity, mostly because we’re not great at reading other people’s hearts and minds. So when you know how you feel, share it, whether it’s how much you’re enjoying a date or that you’ve had a difficult day and are just feeling really tired. Similarly, when the timing is right, let them know how much you like them. When we know where we stand with others, life is far less stressful.

There’s no doubt that life and relationships can be complicated. The good news is that showing that special person how much you love and care for them isn’t rocket science – it’s all in the little things.

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