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How to look way better than you feel in the morning

By March 29, 2019 No Comments

tips to make you feel betterFeeling a little sleep deprived? It happens to the best of us. Even if you try to lead a balanced lifestyle. Every now and then something will happen to kick your balance out of whack.

Whether you’ve been up late working on an assignment. Spent a little too long at the party. We’ve got some tips to wake you up and help you look better than you feel in the morning!

1. Work up a sweat

Yes, we can hear you moaning and groaning at the thought but listen up. It’s a scientific fact that exercise releases endorphins. Making you feel happier and more alive. A workout also makes you sweat out any toxins, and brightens dull skin with a rosy glow.

If you’re not up to a full workout, then even something simple like a Pilates class or a brisk walk. Both are beneficial if you add it to your morning routine.

2. Dress for success

There’s a lot said for power dressing. We all have that outfit that makes us feel fantastic, no matter what, right? Make sure you have a few go-to ensembles ready and waiting that you can throw on when you’re having an off day. Feeling confident will change your attitude. In turn changing how you present yourself to the world.

Red is an especially vibrant and powerful colour but go with whatever makes you feel happy.

3. Get rid of puffy eyes

Nothing quite says “I had a sleepless night” quite like swollen red eyes. You can reduce puffy eyes by applying a cooling eye mask to the area. You can buy a commercial product at the store or keep used teabags in a jar in the fridge. Apply a teabag to each eye socket, lay back for 10 minutes, and enjoy the refreshing sensation. The anti-oxidants contained in tea (especially green tea or rooibos tea) work wonders on your skin.

Side note: Boys, don’t be afraid to use an eye mask. This one’s not just for the girls!

4. Light, simple make up

Its tempting to slather your face in make up after a rough night… but you shouldn’t. Tired skin is dry and dull, and heavy makeup can make it look even worse. For fresh and dewy skin, opt for a lightweight foundation or even BB cream that offers good coverage. Conceal under eye circles with green tinted concealer. Avoid dark eye make-up. Use lashings of mascara. And finish the look with eye-catching and confident red lipstick.

5. Go easy on the caffeine and drink water

Yes, we understand that you want to down gallons of coffee as soon as the sun rises. But first, drink water. When you’re tired, you’re usually dehydrated. Caffeine will dehydrate you more. Drink water throughout the day and switch your morning coffee for green tea. You can have a cup of coffee later in the day… and the wait will ensure that you enjoy it all the more!

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