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How to Feed Your Soul

By Feb 18, 2016 No Comments

We all know our body needs food to function (whether we give it the good stuff or not is another question), but when was the last time you fed your soul?

Imagine you have an internal well of energy (your soul) available to you that’s based on how good you feel about yourself. If that well is empty, it’s going to make life seem bland and boring. If it’s full though, you’ll feel excited and energised, no matter what you’re doing.

So how can we go about feeding our soul?

Spend time in nature

Plenty of research has been done to prove the healing power of nature. Green helps us to relax and we breathe more easily due to the oxygen plants give off. Enjoy the peace and beauty as you take a walk in a green belt, picnic in a park, visit your local botanical gardens or go for a hike in the wilderness. In a pinch, even a picture of a natural space will work.

Interact with an animal

Continuing with the natural theme, play with a dog or cat, ride a horse, visit a petting zoo or feed some wild birds. Animals live completely in the moment, and if they’re well-treated, they give you unconditional love in return. Plus, watching their antics can keep you amused for hours – there’s a reason why videos of kittens and puppies playing are some of the most popular on the internet.

Listen to music

Sound can change how you feel in a moment, and trigger memories, both good and bad. Spend some time listening to your favourite uplifting music, and notice how long afterwards the good vibes last. If you can sing along, even better!

Do what you love

Sometimes when we’re completely involved in an activity we enjoy, we find ourselves in a special kind of flow, where time and space don’t seem to exist. What takes us there is different for everyone. It could be a creative hobby like cooking, crafting or woodwork, a physical activity like running or dancing, or spending time with friends or family. Experiment to find what works for you, then do more of that.

The activity of feeding your soul is wonderful in itself, and the effects of it go far beyond the actual time spent. What can you do to feed your soul today?

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