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How to Embrace Autumn’s Newest Fashion Trend with Open Arms

By Apr 17, 2019 No Comments

Superfluous sleevesJust when you felt fashion-ready for autumn this year, with your trench coat and ankle boots in tow, a new trend has come along to change it all. Yes, the season has a new look up its sleeve… in the form of, well, sleeves.

Look anywhere and on any runway around the world, and you’ll notice that superfluous sleeves are the biggest thing since layers and animal prints. Here’s how to embrace the trend with open arms.

Wear Them Everywhere

You’ll want to be wearing as many sleeves as possible, even if (actually, especially if) there isn’t necessarily a limb inside them! Throw a stylish cardigan over your shoulders and let the sleeves dangle in front of your outfit, or take the aesthetic to the extreme by having a sewing-savvy friend help you to make two holes in an old jacket just below the sleeves and pull it over the layers you’re already wearing.

Wear Sleeves as a Scarf

The preppy look is back. Tie a cardigan or jersey around your neck (preferably when wearing another cardigan or jersey below it) and let the sleeves fall to the front. For a chic finish, tie them slightly off to one side rather than slap-bang in the middle.

Wear Sleeves as a Belt

If you’re wearing a jersey dress or something quite bulky, instead of reaching for a belt to cinch your waist, reach for a sleeve-tastic jersey instead. Once again, make sure the sleeves hang proudly in front.

Throw Sleeves into Your Bag

So, this might be going a bit overboard now – but many will insist that you simply can’t have too many sleeves! Add one last dose of the trend by throwing a thick, cosy pullover in your handbag and letting the sleeves hang out of the top.

And there you have it. Once you’ve sleeved-up your outfit, you’ll be ready to rock the look anywhere and everywhere knowing for sure that you look truly arm-mazing!

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