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How to celebrate Friendship Day

By July 23, 2019 July 31st, 2019 No Comments

international friendship dayWhen’s the last time you celebrated friendship? Told your friends that you love and value them. That you appreciate having them in your life?

Sure – we do stuff with our friends all the time. But because we see them so often, it’s easy to take their presence for granted. 30 July is International Day of Friendship. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your friends know exactly how much you care!

Here are a few fun activities and ideas to celebrate Friendship Day:

Get personal with a message

Don’t send pre-made memes or the same generic message to everyone. Take the time to write a personal message to each of your friends. Tell them the unique thing you appreciate about their friendship. You can send a text or WhatsApp, but even better is to handwrite a note and deliver it in person.

A handmade gift

The best gift you can give is something you made yourself. Gifts for Friendship Day that you put your heart and soul into. Giving of your time to make a gift is so much more special than anything you can buy at the shops. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Bake a batch of cupcakes or cookies and give one to each of your friends. Beaded friendship bracelets are also fun (and easy!) to make.

Friendly games or sports

Friendly competition is a great way to spend time with your favourite people! Organise a games night for lots of laughs. Physical activity can also be awesome even if you’re not that ‘into’ sports. Volleyball, soccer, cricket or touch rugby. Any team sport, in fact. It’s much more fun when you’re not playing to win. Enjoy being in each other’s company.

Make a date with nature

Spend some time outside with your friends and take in the beauty of nature! A day trip (or even overnight camping if you’re up for it) to a local dam or nature reserve where you can hike and swim. Or enjoy the view. All these are wonderful ways to bond with your friends.

Above all, this Friendship Day 2019 enjoy your friends and tell them that you value them. Don’t forget to take lots of photos and record every moment spent with your loved ones!

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