How Students Can Leverage LinkedIn

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Leverage Linkedin to your advantageThink LinkedIn is just for seasoned professionals? Think again! It’s time to leverage LinkedIn. If you are keen to jump-start your career, as well as reap a number of benefits while you are still studying, now is the time to engineer your profile and learn how to leverage this useful social media platform to your advantage.


So you are not quite ready to enter the corporate world just yet, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t effectively prepare for your career launch! You can use LinkedIn to connect with young professionals who are just starting out, as well as with experienced experts who might be willing to mentor you. The more people you know when entering your field following graduation, the easier it will be to find employment.

Finding a part-time job or internship

LinkedIn isn’t only for advertising full-time positions. Many companies from across the country use it to advertise part-time, freelance, and temp positions, too. It is also the go-to platform for advertising internships and apprenticeships. If you are not active on the platform, you could lose out on the chance to capitalise on a golden opportunity to improve your skills and embellish your CV for future job prospects.

Leverage Linkedin to solidify yourself as a thought leader

Do you possess above-average writing skills and is your brain simply swarming with ideas that you would love to share with the world. Steer clear of Facebook and leverage LinkedIn instead. LinkedIn allows users to post interesting articles onto their profile which can help to boost their presence on the platform. Plus, if these articles are impressive enough, they could play a part in convincing recruiters to get in touch with you before you even decide to embark upon a job search (yes – potential employers most certainly do check your social media accounts!).

Every single employer is in search of employees who can think for themselves and are passionate about their chosen field. Creating insightful thought leadership pieces is an excellent way in which to communicate all of this and make a great first impression.

Take your time to research the different best practices for creating a LinkedIn profile and get started on leveraging it immediately. The chances are good that you’ll be very glad you did!

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