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How Are You Giving Back?

By Jun 9, 2016 No Comments

Research shows that people who volunteer or contribute to their community are usually happier, healthier and more self-confident than people who are all about themselves. Even if just for that reason, why not focus on how you can give back this July?

You could take part in 67 Minutes for Mandela Day on 18 July or the Studentdigz Walk the Talk event on 24 July. Alternatively, you could try one of these:

Volunteer to help out at a local event
If you belong to a club or group, ask if they need a hand at their next event. Or volunteer at a local church sale or fund-raising drive to help set up, clean up, cook food or build things (if you’re handy with tools, even better).
It doesn’t have to be hands-on. If you’re a computer whizz, perhaps they need help with creating a website or brochure.

Support an animal shelter
This is ideal if you love animals. Part of your job may be to clean the cages, but they also need people to feed, walk and play with the animals. Or you could help build kennels, collect donations or give a hand with some office admin.

Spend time with the elderly or disabled
Retirement and disabled homes are always happy to have animated, young visitors. Your job may be simply to listen, talk or read to the residents, or you could play cards or provide any other entertainment you’re good at.
If you are part of a band, or some kind of group you could always stage a performance in the home. The elderly are a great sounding board for your next gig; just don’t blow them away with heavy acoustics.

Feed a homeless person
It doesn’t cost much to buy some extra bread and a few fillings, and/or some fruit. Make up sandwiches or little food parcels to hand out to those in need as you pass them on the street. Or, you could volunteer at a soup kitchen or overnight haven.

Clean up your neighbourhood
Get a bunch of friends together and spend some time picking up litter in your area or at a local park. Take plenty of big bags for the litter and you may also want to use rubber gloves. You’ll be rewarded by a sparkling neighbourhood (even if it’s temporary).

Help the world to become a better place by picking any of the above or come up with something of your own. Giving back is good for the community, and for you too!


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