Here’s Why You Should Take That ‘Crappy’ Job

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Take the crappy jobYou’re a graduate. You’ve spent 4+ years studying your butt off to get where you are today. Surely you’re entitled to your ‘dream’ job after putting in all that hard work? No doubt about it. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll get it.

In South Africa, the unemployment rate is disheartening, to say the least. 38.2% of people under the age of 34 are without work – graduates included. Unfortunately, your degree or diploma isn’t your ticket into a cushy job, nor is it a guarantee that you’ll get any job, for that matter. So, if you do manage to land yourself a job offer, no matter how much of a far cry it is from what you studied or what you hoped to be earning, here are a few reasons why you should take it.

It’s a Job

It’s money in your pocket. It’s experience on your CV. It’s the leverage that you need to get something bigger and better a little further down the line.

It’s a Foot in the Door

If you’re able to get a job within a company that you’d like to work for, even if you aren’t doing quite what you’d like to be doing just yet, fear not. The good news is that you’ll have a much easier time working your way into your dream role if you’re already working within the organisation.

You’ll Grow

While, from a theoretical perspective, you learnt all that you needed to know when studying at university, you have probably yet to put all of these important skills and knowledge into practice. A job, even a ‘crappy’ one, is going to help you do just that – and you’ll likely pick up a few more skills along the way which will help to make you that little bit more employable, too.

You’ll Meet People

Within the working world, it really is all about who you know, and a new job is a wonderful way to make a few more beneficial connections that may be able to assist you in moving up the ladder in future. The more social capital you have at your disposal, the better.

So take that ‘crappy’ job. Who knows where it might lead you?

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