Help, I’ve graduated! What now?

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You did it, you graduated! For about 12 years (or more) you did your thing; worked hard, pressed on and then all of a sudden, you got it. The newspapers and/or SMS alert notified you that you were finally a matriculant. Then there was the rush of what to study, applying on time, crossing your fingers for finances and the sacrifices that come with obtaining that qualification.

One day you slept as a matriculant and one day in the not so distant future, your highest qualification will be upgraded to ‘university graduate’. You will be measured and found to have met all the requirements to make you a graduate.

With that qualification, the world will open up and recognise your efforts. Everything changes with that single piece of certification. So, what now?

You’ve Graduated, now Get a job!

Once you have that varsity qualification, it will be time to begin the search for a job. For the most part, you may start at the bottom or with an internship. If you work hard, then it is only a matter of time before the promotions kick in and you gain that much needed experience to ignite your career.

Study some more

You’ve probably heard them before; the older crew desperately longing for a shot to go back to school, but this time it feels like a lifetime away. Before you get too tied down with the happenings of life, such as having children, getting married, taking on multiple jobs, signing up for this and that; it may be worth your while to ride the momentum and study further. Get that postgraduate qualification, specialise, hey why not even tick-off that PhD?

Start your own damn business

You will have acquired the ability to apply your mind, so stretch it some more by starting your own business. You don’t have to work in a 9 [AM] to 5 [PM] setting. Be your own boss and enjoy the control, recognition, freedom and independence that comes with signing your own paycheck and creating jobs.

Take a gap year

You did the time, studied hard and have the qualification to back you up. How about a gap year to travel, start a blog, do some inner soul searching and connect with yourself. Let it be more than just a gap year of partying and having fun. Make it a gap year where you catch your breath and realign your posture.

Expand your bucket list

You got your matric and you will one day be a varsity graduate. You don’t have to stop there. Challenge yourself to go further.

Write more things on your bucket list. Let this inspire you to dream with your eyes awake. Release the music demo. Go on that solo vacation you’ve always wanted, but feared. Dare to pay off your debt and live debt free. Dream again, but this time dream bigger. Let this propel you forward.

After you complete varsity you may be surprised to find out that rather than it being an end, it is a beginning. Your world opens up ahead of you. If ever there was a need for a sober head and renewed vision; it is now. You will lose loved ones along the way and gain so much more pleasures than you ever knew possible. Restore your faith. Rearm on hope. Live your life.

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