Help! I’m a social media addict

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It all starts seemingly innocently. Before you know it, you’re hooked to social media. You feel incomplete without likes to validate your outfit. Your confidence takes a knock when no one comments on your posts or tunes into your live broadcasts. Perhaps your romantic relationships also get strained because you are always on your phone and neglecting quality time with your partner.

Social media addiction is a reality

Those who can relate, know the dreaded feeling of leaving their gadget behind or being somewhere without connectivity. Social media addiction promotes unproductivity. It keeps you busy without accomplishing much. Feelings of jealousy are also familiar from watching others online who seem to have perfect lives.

Social media addiction tips

If you can relate to social media addiction effects, there is hope. Here are top tips to help you deal with it. You can apply these tips to take back control of your personal, social and student life.

  • Do a social media detox and disconnect from social media for a certain period
  • Keep your phone or laptop away during meal-time
  • Be intentional with your social media interaction (set clear boundaries of communication)
  • Put your cell phone or laptop aside during sleep time
  • Block or ignore trolls (those nasty peeps on social media)

As with any form of addiction you need to recognise that you have a problem. It starts with admittance and a desire to change things. You have the power to change your world and to take back control of your social media interactions. You can still use social media, but for good. Such as using Instagram to find a job or to connect with your friends and family. Social media, if used effectively, can be a beautiful tool in your hands.


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