Healthy Eating 101

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Nowadays there is so much information available on ‘healthy eating’ that it can feel a bit like a minefield. It’s not uncommon for one nutritional expert to say one thing and another to say the complete opposite. So how on earth are we supposed to know what’s really good for us?!

Despite all the confusion, there are a few rules that most experts would agree on:

Fruit and vegetables are essential
If you want to have any hope of getting a fair number of the vitamins and minerals your body needs in order to function properly, without taking mega doses of supplements, then daily helpings of fruit and veg are the way to go – the fresher, the better.

Eat a variety of different foods
If you’re eating only a few types of foods, you are probably missing out on some of those important nutrients. The more varied your diet, the better your chances that you’ll cover all the nutritional bases. If your plate looks like a rainbow, you’ve probably nailed it.

Drink plenty of fluids
And no, soft drinks and alcohol don’t count (in fact they have the opposite effect to what we’re going for)! To keep your body hydrated, first prize is obviously plain water, preferably filtered or from a fresh source you know is safe.

Keep refined sugar to a minimum or avoid it completely
It’s amazing how many foods contain sugar, even some of the most unlikely, so check ingredient lists when you buy your groceries. Many artificial sweeteners are no better and in fact some are even worse for you than sugar. If you’re preparing meals yourself, use natural sweeteners like honey or fruit like raisins, bananas and apples wherever you can.

In the end, everyone’s body is unique and your system may react differently to someone else’s. Often the best thing you can do for yourself is eat what you feel like eating. Then pay attention to the feedback your body gives you – does it feel better or worse than before you ate? That will tell you everything you need to know.


Image credit 1 – list of foods: carolinebakker.com via Pinterest
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