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A Handful of Short Courses Every Entrepreneur Should Consider

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Ask any successful business owner and he / she will tell you that the key to triumph lies in your desire to keep developing your skills, industry knowledge and general know-how. With this in mind, the Student Digz team went in search of some of the best entrepreneur-driven short courses in Joburg, all of which are sure to help streamline your personal journey to the top!

Seed Academy – Think. Be. Do.

Seed Academy’s main focus is to provide you with the practical skills, training and support that you will need in order to grow your great ideas into a real and profitable business opportunity. Perks of the programme include personalised course content, easy access to coaches and mentors, as well as flexibility in terms of time (all sessions are held after hours).

Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development – Entrepreneur Programme

This Entrepreneur Course takes 6 months to complete and covers the following areas:

  • introduction to entrepreneurship
  • idea creation & innovation
  • developing the individual
  • developing the professional
  • doing business in South Africa
  • The Four Legs of the Table (Mr Ackerman’s business strategy)
  • idea testing & implementation.

Trifocus Academy – Entrepreneurship Course

If you’re keen to break into the fitness industry and get your business off to a running start (pun intended), the Entrepreneurship Course offered by Trifocus Academy is a great option. The best part is that the course can be completed online, so there’s no need to factor daily transport costs into your budget.

The course focuses on teaching you all about the elements of a quality business plan, matching your new venture opportunity to market needs, budgeting for the business venture and more.

These 3 short courses are just the tip of the learning curve when it comes to entrepreneurial courses in Johannesburg. Let us know in the comments section below if there are any courses that you have taken or are considering and would like to share with other like minded students!

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” –  Walt Disney

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