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Let’s Talk Hair: Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural

By Apr 19, 2017 May 17th, 2017 No Comments

Us black women of today often feel an immense amount of pressure to relax our hair in an effort to achieve that sleek, smooth look that all of the celebs seem to be sporting… but the truth is that it’s time for us to accept that natural is just as beautiful, if not more so!

If you’re keen on making the transition, and perhaps saving a couple of bucks in the process, here’s what you need to know.

Unfortunately, no matter how many times you wash it, relaxed hair will never go back to the way it once was, so it is inevitable that you are going to have to chop it off at some point. However, if you don’t want to shave all of it off immediately, there are ways around this.

The most effortless way is to follow these easy steps:

  1. When your natural hair starts to grow, it will be a lot coarser than the relaxed portion of your hair. The key here is to make sure that the difference isn’t all that noticeable by moisturising with a good quality conditioner from day one. If you do so religiously, the texture will soften and the new growth will be a lot more manageable. Whatever you do, don’t give in to temptation and blow dry or straighten the coarse bits – this is only going to cause damage and you’ll definitely regret it in a couple of months’ time.
  2. You can opt to make your relaxed hair temporarily curly by wearing it in braids or doing bantu knots.
  3. As your natural hair grows, trim the relaxed portion every 6 weeks or so to gradually eliminate it without having to go too short in one sitting.
  4. Start investing in products to properly care for your growing natural hair as it might take a lot of trial and error to find the ones that work best for you. Your ‘do will obviously require a lot more attention now – but the good news is that it will be more than worth it!

Ultimately, the secret is to avoid rushing the transition. It can, and should, take anywhere between 6 months and 2 years to complete. Trust your gut. You’ll know when it’s finally time to chop off the last bits of your relaxed tresses and rock it the all-natural way. Good luck!

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