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Grooming Tips for Men Throughout Times of Social Distancing 

By May 26, 2020 No Comments

Grooming Tips for MenWhen South Africa entered level 5 lockdown in March 2020, the realisation that you wouldn’t be seeing your trusty barber any time soon probably hit hard. You were sure to be left wondering how you would be able to maintain that perfect fade and how to keep your skin in tip-top condition. Unfortunately, despite your best intentions, you might have let your grooming slide, perhaps even to the point that you began to (and still do) resemble a caveman!

Fear not. We have some helpful men’s grooming tips for cleaning up without the outside help.

Your hair

Before you even think about giving yourself a haircut or asking bae to do it for you, STOP. It is not going to end well. As proof, just look at the other men on social media who had the same idea!

You only really have two options here – either shave it all off or let it grow and embrace the ‘fro. Who knows? You might just find yourself loving your fresh new look.

Your skin

If you notice your complexion starting to look dull and patchy, it is time to get some sun and a good dose of vitamin D. Controlled amounts of sunlight work great for brightening the complexion and keeping acne at bay. Just be sure to slap on some SPF if you will be spending any more than 20 minutes soaking up that sunshine. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water. Now that we are heading into winter, it’s quite easy to forget to sip on the minimum of eight glasses per day.

Still restricted by daytime curfews? Not to worry, sitting in the sun at your window or on a small patio will still get you a good dose of VitD.

Your beard

Be sure to keep up your usual grooming routine if you are the type of guy who sports a rocking beard. As the temperatures cool and humidity plummets, you will also want to start treating your beard to some extra moisture. Your regular conditioner will get the job done if money is tight. However, it is always worthwhile to invest in a quality beard oil if you can afford it (and get it).

There’s always the option of making your own moisturiser with coconut oil. Scoop out about 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and let it melt in your hands as it absorbs the heat from your body. If you have any essential oils you could add a drop or 2 or cedarwood to the melted coconut oil before applying to your beard.

Your scent

No point in looking bomb if you smell bad. Perk up your mood even when you’re confined to the house by spritzing on a generous amount of your favourite cologne and inhaling deeply.

Now you know how to continue looking and feeling your best despite the restrictions in place due to social distancing. You’re welcome!

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