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Green is the new red: Think menstrual cups

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menstrual cups

Mindful Menstruation

Here are the facts according to Global Citizen, yes they are the same peeps who helped to bring Beyoncé and Jay-Z to headline at the Global Citizen Festival Mandela 100 in South Africa in 2018. According to their website: “Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme poverty by 2030.”

What’s the big deal about plastic?

One more plastic sanitary pad doesn’t matter, right? After all, it is convenient, cosy and comfortable. You can simply unwrap it from its plastic package, unpack it from its plastic wrapper, toss aside its plastic sticky stuff, use it and grab another pad lined with plastic and go on to rock your day.

What you may not be aware of is that every little bit of plastic matters. According to Global Citizen, “since the 1950s, around 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide… that’s equivalent to the weight of more than 800 000 Eiffel Towers. – And of that, only a mere 9% of that plastic has been recycled. One way of cutting out on plastic is to reduce the use of sanitary pads and opt for menstrual cups.

Advantages of menstrual cups

There are many perks of using menstrual cups. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Long-term savings and budgeting
  • Less landfill waste
  • Vaginal pH and beneficial bacteria stay put
  • Gives you more time between your changes
  • No worries about embarrassing odours (unlike with tampons and pads, the fluid is not exposed to air)
  • User-friendly

As women, in as much as we have rights and responsibilities, we need to spare a thought for the environment. Think like a thought leader in that you should not be short-sighted. You need to opt for technology that promotes safety to your body and the earth. If such innovation can also add perks to your money matters and save you some bucks, as well as lead to less plastic with its reusable features, then all the better.

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