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Go vegan and soup up the goodness

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What’s the big deal about not eating animal products and/or abstaining from foods that are processed using animal products? Vegans argue that it can be fulfilling and meaningful to not just animals, but the environment and people.

Apart from junk foods such as crisps and chips, what more can one eat that excludes eggs, milk, meat and animal-derived ingredients? From a distance, it may sound like a sombre hunger strike. Yet if you take a look at our souping options, this could just be the dietary alternative for you.

A melting pot full of flavour

Soups allows you to integrate seasonal herbs, plants and spices into something really tasty. We are particularly in love with soups such as the African Peanut Stew with veggies that people rarely indulge in such as the eggplant, carrots and okra. It can be elevated by adding spicy Moroccan Harissa paste and sass. This is a typical example of top notch yummy vegan and gluten-free souping.

Pump up the proteins from alternative sources

Vegan dieticians recommend that every vegan meal should ideally contain some protein. Rather than getting this from meat, soups are an excellent form to pump in the protein. They (proteins) break down into amino acids. This is helpful in promoting cell growth and repair. When souping, you should consider piling up the protein from beans, lentils and seitan.

A broader lifestyle that “does no harm”

Soup is a gentle potion that reminds one that unified, we can all come together to form a melting pot of something healing, nourishing and tasty.

Vegans often also opt for beauty products that are not tested on animals and do no harm to the environment. This also includes not supporting projects where animals are in captivity (some don’t go to the zoo).

Think beyond the food you eat

Being vegan can be beneficial to your health, nature and the environment. It is so much more than being vegetarian (and eating dairy products and eggs). The egg industry may involve the unjustifiable killing of male chicks and the dairy farmer may slaughter cows when they are no longer good for the production of milk.

Vegans take all the ethical considerations into account and opt to do no harm. What better way to embrace this way of life than with a tasty bowl of soup.

Note: Please consult your general practitioner before permanently going vegan to help you minimize failure, get dietary advice and/or additional nutritional supplements.

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