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Getting through your fresher – first year tips

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fresher - first yearAre you feeling excited about your first year at college? Nervous? Apprehensive about getting through your fresher – first year?

It’s normal to be feeling all of the above and more – especially when you consider that we are living through the times of Covid!

If you’re heading to university in 2021, chances are that your first year is going to be a little different from the ‘normal’ fresher experience. With the hard lockdown experienced in 2020, many students had to go home to finish their online studies for the year. In 2021, many have decided that they would rather experience student life as much as they can and this means choosing to go back to their student digs where they can still study online.

Our Fresher – First Year Tips

So yes, the majority of your university freshman year will probably be conducted online. Although you may miss out on some of the social aspects, there’s definitely a silver lining! Learning online enables you to put greater focus on your education, without becoming too distracted by the social side of varsity life.

Fresher – First year tips for 2021

It’s highly likely that you will be studying online, at least at first. Many students find the first year after matric quite challenging as being at college requires a lot more self-discipline. No more teachers and parents to nag you about getting your work done – you’re on your own!

Studying online requires it’s own special kind of discipline, and these tips will help you to settle into a study routine more easily:

  1. Create a structured routine

Even though online study gives you lots of flexibility, it is generally better to provide yourself with structure in terms of wake up time, study time, and free time.

  1. Have a dedicated learning space

If you choose to stay home while learning is still online, set up your desk, the dining room table or a corner of the lounge as your dedicated studying space. Make it pleasant and comfortable, so that it is easy for you to ‘get in the zone’ when it’s time to study.

  1. Connect with other students

Just because face-to-face connections aren’t really possible right now, doesn’t mean that you can’t ‘meet’ your classmates virtually. Join in on any study groups and even online social groups. If there aren’t any, then take the initiative and create one yourself!

  1. Balance work and play

This will set you in good stead for when campus life resumes. Having a good balance between studying, attending lectures, and doing stuff you enjoy (like hanging out with friends) is vital for all college students.

  1. Stay healthy

Applicable even when we go back to ‘normal’! Try to eat wholesome foods and exercise to stay healthy. A healthy body fuels a healthy mind and can help with concentration and mental acuity.

Don’t feel sad about missing out on your first-year experience – you will have a chance to live the ‘proper’ student life once the Coronavirus pandemic becomes more manageable.



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