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Get the Most Out of Your Workout

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When you’re a student, there are two things you never seem to have enough of: money and time.  Apart from getting a part-time job, there’s not much you can do about the money situation except stick it out until you graduate.  But time – this is an area that you can become an expert in if you just apply yourself (as Breaking Bad’s Walter White often says).

Activities that seem time-consuming from the outside needn’t take long at all, if you know a few tricks.  Here’s how to get the most effective workout in 30 minutes:

High intensity.  Your body benefits the most from high-intensity exercise over a brief period.  Now there’s no excuse to skip the gym because you “don’t have time”!

Take it slow.  When doing weight training, don’t rush it, no matter if you’re contracting or releasing.  Your muscles benefit far more from slow lifting, and you’ll see results more quickly.

Heavier weights.  These will give you better results in a shorter amount of time.  For the women worried about getting big muscles – don’t worry! Weight training is very important for women to do, and all it will do is tone your muscles, unless you’re lifting bodybuilder-heavy weights.

Water.  Don’t drink it just before or during your workout.  Rather, make sure you drink water regularly throughout the day, and then drink it after your workout.  This way, your body will be hydrated enough to do the high-intensity workout you’re going to put it through for the next 30 minutes.

Protein.  If you don’t eat enough protein each day, your muscles won’t have what they need to rebuild after your workout, which defeats the purpose of working out!  Make soy protein or whey shakes a part of your daily diet.

Carbohydrates.  Unless you’re diabetic, pay no attention to the low-carb diet craze.  If you’re fit and exercising regularly, your body needs carbs for energy.  A banana is a great carby snack to have just before your workout.

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