Get Unstuck

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Every now and then we encounter something in life that causes such internal or external upheaval that we end up completely stuck.  Sometimes it even absorbs so much of our energy that we can’t seem to deal with other things in our life, even the stuff we usually find easy.

In cases like this, there are ways to ‘unstick’ ourselves before we can move forward again. Try one of these:

Change the questions you are asking
Instead of asking “why” questions, ask “how” or “what” questions.  So rather than asking something like “Why is this happening to me?” ask “How can I sort this out/improve the situation/move forward?” or “What can I do differently to prevent this happening again?”  These tap into a different and more creative part of our brain that allows us to make new connections and come up with inspired solutions.

Get the facts
Find out everything you can about what you are dealing with.  Google it, read books about it, ask other people what they know about it.  This gives our mind something to work with so it can start to connect the dots.

Give yourself time to process
Don’t jump into taking action or making changes just because someone tells you something has worked for them.  Once you have your facts, see if you can come up with a few different options to deal with what’s going on, even if they seem silly, just to help your brain to think out of the box.

Decide what might work
From the various ideas you’ve had, choose what not only seems feasible, but also feels right to you.  Don’t be afraid to combine elements of different ideas to find your ideal solution.

Take action on it
Now take the first steps of the solution you came up with. If at all possible, allow yourself the flexibility to adjust your plan as it unfolds if necessary.

If your ideal solution doesn’t work as planned, don’t give up.  At the very least you will have created some momentum for yourself and have a lot more information to work with, so you can then try something else as you move forward from there.

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