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First Aid – the Natural Way

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Natural remedies take many different forms, from tissue salts and homeopathic pills or drops through to essential oils and herbal ointments. Although being natural doesn’t mean they’re always harmless, in general they’re far safer and usually cheaper than pharmaceuticals. As with any medication, just remember to read the instructions carefully.

Consider keeping these particularly useful ones at home:

Lavender Essential Oil
This is one of the most useful essential oils and it’s also one of the few you can use directly on your skin (most oils need to be mixed into a carrier oil or cream). Be sure to get the pure essential oil though, not a diluted version designed for a burner or as a room scent. Amongst many other healing properties, lavender oil is a powerful antiseptic and anti-depressant.

Dab it on:

  • Grazes, cuts, sores, boils or bruises
  • Eczema or acne
  • Burns
  • Insect bites
  • Sniff it, or put a few drops in your bath or in an aromatherapy burner to:
  • Calm anxiety
  • Lift your mood and combat depression
  • Reduce a headache
  • Relieve a cold, sore throat or asthma
  • Help you sleep

Rescue Remedy
The original Rescue Remedy is a Bach Flower Essence, which is available in South Africa, along with several local versions including ones by Natura and Dischem. It comes in drops or tablets, and it’s brilliant for:

  • Calming general anxiety or stress
  • Treating shock from any kind of trauma
  • Keeping you calm when you’re about to go into a stressful situation
  • Helping you sleep when you’re feeling overly emotional or suffering from mental overload

Arnica is a herb that’s available in several different forms, including gel, cream and tablets. This anti-inflammatory pain-reliever and antibiotic works really well for:

  • Relieving stiff muscles and joints
  • Reducing bruising and swelling after an injury of almost any kind
  • Healing acne
  • Healing many wounds from scrapes to broken bones
  • Relieving insect bites
  • Relieving burns, including sunburn

All of these remedies are available at most health shops and many pharmacies so keep an eye out for them, and get that medicine cabinet well stocked!
Lavender flower

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