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Finding funding – what to do if you can’t find the funding you need

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Do you believe? Believe in what you may ask.

Do you believe in the power of your dreams? Can you see yourself acing those studies and being a captain of industry in your field?

Perhaps you’re just an ordinary dude or dudette that’s nowhere close to bagging a “top achiever” scholarship, but you believe in your career of choice. Your only – and major obstacle – is funding. Here are some money matters and tips on how you can pay for your education.

Get a student loan

A student loan, from various banks, can provide the money to pay for your tuition fees, student digz living, study material and related equipment. You will need to prove that you qualify for your course and most likely even need to submit an acceptance letter to study at an accredited tertiary (in other words, not a “fly-by-night” institution).

You also need a parent or someone else to sign surety for the student loan. What’s cool is that most of these kind of loans only need to be repaid once you’ve graduated. So this gives you a shot at exclusively focusing on your studies and learning how to manage your money well.

Scholarships, fellowships and bursaries

For the most part, scholarships, fellowships and bursaries don’t need to be repaid. You will, however, need to study your contract to validate this. Portions of the money may need to be repaid if you drop out or fail a module. Several websites feature a list of bursaries offered in South Africa.

Apply for student jobs

Look into getting a student job to boost your finances. Retail is a good option as the hours are long allowing for more shift work. Make sure that the job promotes student life by giving you time to work and study. It should preferably have the flexibility to allow you to work on assignments and study for exams. However, even if it is not completely flexible, you need to have the discipline and commitment of a student and put in the extra hours.

Ask Human Resource (HR) about company training opportunities

It is common practice for some companies to set money aside for training opportunities that can add value to the company and/or how you do your job. You will need to set up an appointment with your HR consultant to find out if such opportunities exist and how you can leverage on them.

In the end, it comes down to the initial question of whether or not you believe. Do you believe that your future is worth the effort? Do you believe that your dreams are worth pursuing to the extent that you can commit to trying until you find a way out? If you believe, you will not easily give up when you get a “regret” letter. You will try again even after being counted out. At the risk of sounding repetitive: Do you believe?

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