Finding a Part Time Job: How to Cope with Rejection

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There’s a lot of financial pressure on students at the moment, and with the cost of living rising dramatically each and every year, very few will be able to avoid the necessity of getting a part time job in order to make ends meet. Unfortunately, with limited experience and free time on your hands, this is often a lot easier said than done. Even if you do manage to find a couple of possibilities, there’s a big chance that your CV will be rejected numerous times before you actually get lucky.

Don’t despair – with perseverance, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find employment in the long run. Until then, here are our tips on coping with CV rejection.

Don’t Take it to Heart

There are so many different criteria that employers consider when hiring someone. Even if you don’t end up being the one, it isn’t about you or who you are as a person – it’s about the employer having found someone whom they think will be a better fit for the position. Don’t take it personally.

Buoy Yourself Up

Rejection can take a big chunk out of your ‘bucket of motivation’. Make sure that finding a job isn’t the be all and end all of your life. Remember to do the things that you love to ensure that you stay positive and determined to reach your goal. Head out with friends, binge watch your favourite TV show, treat yourself to something yummy. It’s these little things that make a huge difference.

Have Someone Review Your CV

If you can’t afford to enlist the help of a professional, why not ask your friends for help in terms of improving your CV? You might also want to pay a visit to your campus career counsellor or even approach one of your lecturers for assistance. He or she may be happy to give your resume a once-over free of charge.

Don’t Give Up

The more you apply, the higher your chances of finding a job! Remember – it only takes one employer to give you the chance that you deserve to prove yourself… and that employer might be the very next one that you happen to contact.

There are many other ways that you can increase your chances of finding and landing the right part time job. You can consider going through an agency, you can make sure that you don’t make common job applicant mistakes, and you can start working on obtaining a reference letter. Good luck!

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