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Where to Find the Best Coffee in Braamfontein

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Are you in need of a strong cuppa to get you through the last few weeks of the year? We feel ya! Which is why we took it upon ourselves to sniff out the cafes and restaurants in the area that are known for serving the Best coffee in Braamfontein. Check out our top 3 below…

Doubleshot Coffee & Tea

Cnr Juta and Melle Sts, Braamfontein

This trendy café on the block serves both iced and hot coffee creations, making it the perfect hangout all year round. Hot coffee favourites include their famous Doubleshot (R20), Balls Deep in Espresso (R27) and Dirty Sanchez (R35). For those who prefer tea, you will also be able to enjoy a vast array of options, including an interesting variety of craft iced tea (lemon black, peach black or Hibiscus and berry).

Father Coffee

73 Juta St, Braamfontein

If the ‘cosy vibe’ is what you’re after, rest assured that you’ll find it at Father Coffee. This hole-in-the-wall café only seats 6 people and is known for being a true early morning coffee hot spot for those who don’t mind leaning on the counter while they wait for their brew. Their prices are also reasonable, with a classic double Espresso costing just R19 and a large Cappuccino just R25. The Lindt Hot Chocolate is another top choice, specially made for those with an insatiable sweet tooth!

Galata Bakery & Coffee

87 Juta Street, Johannesburg, Braamfontein

We did a review on Galata Bakery & Coffee a while ago when it had just opened its doors, and we’re chuffed to say that it is still super trendy amongst those local students looking for a little pick-me-up. Not sure what you fancy? You have to give their traditional Turkish coffee a try (it’ll set you back just R20). Other hot topics on the menu include their Espresso (R17), Café Latte (R24) and Turkish tea (R5!).

So there you have it! With the chaotic festive season coming up (which is sure to be accompanied by a mild hangover or two), at least you now know where to find the best coffee, bru! 😉


Image credit: Pixabay

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